Welcome at Arriadh Hotel

Located on a hill overlooking the beautiful valleys of the Serrania de Ronda and the characteristic village of Arriate, near the famous town of Ronda, is our small boutique hotel Arriadh. The place for your ideal vacation with loads of possibilities for relaxing at the pool, dining out, tapas, hiking and exploration. Our hotel offers delightful rooms, beautiful surroundings and many cultural and culinary gems in the immediate area.

Your hosts Wilbert and John give you a warm welcome and ensure that nothing lacks during your stay.

  • Beautiful location between Ronda and Arriate
  • Restaurants & tapas within walking distance
  • Wonderful walks and bike rides
  • Hosts with an eye for detail
  • Plenty of peace & privacy in the hotel
  • Warm welcome by the hosts
  • Swimming pool with stunning views
  • Wonderful rooms and bathrooms


The hotel
Arriadh Hotel started in 2013 when John and Wilbert bought this gem in 2013. It was their dream coming true. Running a place in the beautiful south of Spain where you can enjoy comfort, leasure time, stunning views and local culture.

Arriadh Hotel has a spacious dining room where Wilbert and John serve a tasteful contemporary breakfast. Might you have dietary requirements, of course these will be taken into account. The views are unique and the hotel offers many options. Enjoy your private and intimate own balcony or terrace, read a book on one of our loungers on the large terrace, pick a hammock in the attractive garden or enjoy the views from the roof terrace in the characteristic tower of the hotel. Wherever you are, Wilbert and John are happy to provide you with snacks and a drinks. The stylish bar is always provided with various (local) wines, soft drinks, beer, spirits, etc.

The renovations ended in 2014 and ever since, Arriadh Hotel disposes of a professionally equipped kitchen where John and Wilbert prepare various tapas with love and passion. Don’t feel like eating out? Let us know in advance, and we will be happy to arrange your dinner that you can enjoy yourself “at home”.

At Arriadh hotel you will stay in one of our spacious double rooms. After a full renovation in 2014, our rooms are equipped with all modern conveniences while maintaining the authentic atmosphere. Each room has its own bathroom with toilet. From your private balcony or terrace you overlook the Serranía de Ronda and the white village of Arriate in the valley close by. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets that Andalusia is famous for.

On the first floor there are three double rooms with private balcony where you can enjoy beautiful views any time of the day. The rooms are equipped with luxurious walk-in bathrooms allowing you even to enjoy the breathtaking views during a fresh shower!

We offer three double rooms on the ground floor. Each room has a private bathroom and offers direct access to the terrace. Two of the rooms on the ground floor have a luxurious but more “traditional” bathroom. So if you want your own private bathroom, you can state let us know this in your reservation request.

It was all about relaxing at Arriadh Hotel. Wonderful beds, coffee on our own terrace, a delicious breakfast and lots of chilling at the swimming pool. Highly recommended – A. Gerritsen


Own restaurant
Arriad Hotel has a spacious and attractive dining room where Wilbert and John serve a tasteful breakfast and on request a lovely dinner too. The views from the restaurant are unique and the hotel offers various possibilities to fully enjoy them. From your own balcony or terrace, from the large terrace, the attractive gardens or from the hotels characteristic hotel tower roof terrace.

Wherever you are, Wilbert and John are happy to provide you with a snack and a drink. And if you don’t feel like dining out, they will be happy to prepare a delicious dinner so that you can eat “at home”. You are kindly requested to let us know in advance.

Restaurants in the area
The white village of Arriate is within walking distance of the hotel where you can taste the best tapas in various cozy local bars. “Las Bigas” and “Manolo´s” are just a few examples; Wilbert and John are happy to advise you.

One of the best rated restaurants in Andalusia is El Muelle de Arriate, just 500 meters from the hotel where Frank and Isa prepare and serve the tastiest dishes. Highly recommended!

Ronda is just a 10-minute drive from Arriadh Hotel where the culinary options are almost endless. From simple tapas to culinary gastronomy, John and Wilbert are happy to advise you. Once home from a lovely dinner you may fancy a dessert, accompanied with freshly brewed coffee, or simply a drink in our bar.

The nearest restaurant is truly one of Andalusia’s gems. The food is simply great, as is the atmosphere – M. Vaandrager


Our immediate environment
Arriadh Hotel is the perfect base to discover authentic Spain. The hotel is located in the middle of ancient Andalusia, hidden behind whimsical mountain peaks. In the nearby area (from 15 minutes to 1 hour drive) you will find sleepy towns where you can enjoy an authentic Spanish meal, home made.

The breathtaking surroundings lend themselves to be discovery by car, bike, motorcycle or on foot. Go explore places where you will hardly find others and imagine yourself to be an early age explorer. In the famous white villages of Andalusia, time seems to stand still.

The dramatically shaped area is known for the breathtaking sunsets. A visit to Ronda is a must (we are 10 minutes away). Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain and offers many historic sights. A “white villages of Andalusia” tour is highly recommended. Hikers and nature lovers can linger on the numerous nature parks close by, such as the Sierra de las Nieves.

The hotel is a great starting point for a day at the beach. The bustling resort of Marbella (about an hour’s drive) is one not to miss.

Arriadh Hotel offers you plenty of opportunity to unwind. It is an excellent location for a multi-day holiday, but also offers a good and comfortable place to stay for the adventurous tourist on a trek through Spain. If you want to go out, there are plenty of options and the environment offers something for everyone. You can go explore the rolling countryside, known for its white villages.

Wilbert and John are happy to help you on your way and advise you based on their own experiences. They know the most beautiful places that are not yet discovered by travel guides. Even if you want to combine your stay at Arriadh Hotel with a stay elsewhere in Andalusia, they will gladly help you on your way. Here´s a small selection of the options:

  • The popular and famous beaches of the major resorts of Málaga, Torremolinos and Marbella are bustling and full of entertainment all year round
  • For culture and history lovers, a visit to one of the historic cities such as Ronda, Granada, Seville and Córdoba is a must
  • A tour through the sherry region or a discovery tour through various vineyards in the Ronda area
  • Enjoy the authentic Spanish cuisine

After a days’ cycling on the Via Verde we enjoyed a fantastic wine in a characteristic bar in Setenil, such sweet memories – M. Vaandrager

We are happy to provide you with various walking and / or cycling routes within the immediate vicinity or one of the nature parks in the area. Cycling in this area can be challenging due to the steep roads. Mountain bike routes with an experienced guide are absolutely possible. Do you want a less steep walking or cycling trip? Then the nearby “Vias Verdes” offer a solution.

  • There are various car and motorcycle routes available on roads that wind through mountains and nature reserves and lead you through the “white villages of Andalusia”.
  • The area is also great to explore on horseback, whether or not accompanied by an experienced guide. For example at www.time-and-space-horse-riding.com.
  • Andalusia is seen as the birthplace of flamenco: the music and dance with the traditional costume, castanets, guitar and raw passion. Characteristic are the sometimes Arabic-like sounds and the exuberant and strong rhythm. The flamenco probably originated around 1500 when the gypsies arrived in Andalusia after a long journey from India. The music has been mixed over the centuries with Indian, Christian, Jewish and Moorish influences. A great place to experience flamenco yourself while enjoying a snack and drink is in the middle of Ronda: www.elquinque.es.
  • Andalusia is the birthplace of bullfighting too. Although this cultural tradition is threatened by protests from animal rights organizations, it remains popular in Andalusia. The bulls are specially bred for courage and fighting spirit. The arena in Ronda is one of the oldest and most traditional in the country.
  • Andalusia is the land of sherry. The grapes from which sherry is made come from Jerez de la Frontera. Two types of grape are mainly used for sherry: the Palomino grape and the Pedro Ximénez. Tapas are often eaten with sherry.
  • The many vineyards in the area are generally young, but beautiful wines are produced. Wilbert and John are happy to advise you. If you would like a tour and tasting in Dutch, we can heartily recommend Viña & Bodega Remsamen in Monda. A beautiful drive of 1.5 hours through the Sierra de las Nieves and then received most cordially at Remsamen by René and Marjolijn. www.remsamen.com.
  • The driest place on mainland Europe can be found in Andalusia, namely the Cabo de Gata, where only 117 mm of rain falls a year. The tabernas desert in Almería is the only true desert in Europe.
  • There is plenty to choose from for sporty tourists and nature lovers. For example, the Sierra de las Nieves or the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with an extensive network of hiking trails, opportunities for mountaineering and extensive winter sports opportunities in the winter. All possible water sports can be undertaken on the coast.

About us

Wilbert: “I aim to offer our guests something extra, to introduce them to the real Spain and to let them discover the hidden gems in Andalusia. The beautiful authentic villages and surroundings that you will not find at the big travel agencies. I love sharing and transferring my love for Spain. ”Wilbert was born in Overijssel, The Netherlands. After his studies he went to live in Amsterdam. He worked in the hospitality industry where he met John. Together they lived for many years in the flower bulb region in North Holland, where John ran his own company and Wilbert worked as a manager and coach. In recent years, Wilbert has worked as a coach in his own company and has traveled throughout the Netherlands.

John: “I try to be creative and think out of the box, aiming to give our guests a pleasant experience. Even if guests have special wishes. For example, do you want to discover the sherry region and fully taste it? I will bring you and pick you up again. All that can be arranged for to go the extra mile makes doing it fun.” John studied at the Horticultural School and, entirely in line with expectations, entered the family business. He was responsible for HR and as a salesman, he traveled the world to sell the family business´ bulbs.

Wilbert and John have traveled a lot together. From Australia to South Africa, but nevertheless Spain continued to attract them. In 2013 they made the decision and decided to step out of their regular lives. Now they are the proud owners of Arriadh Hotel, where they live, work and share their love for Spain with their guests. They like to share their love for the country with you, but also their passion for good food and drink.

When you book for three nights or more, there is a discount!

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Arriadh Hotel is very easy to find.

From the direction of Ronda take the A367 toward Campillos. After just 200 meters take the exit left to Arriate on the MA7400. In the village (after appr. 4,5 km) take the very first street to the right. This street is called Calle Cánovas del Castillo. At the end of this street you are leaving Arriate; take the road right, further uphill. After 500 meters you will see the hotel main entrance on your left.

When traveling directly from Málaga Airport, take the MA20 in the direction of Málaga. From the MA20 take exit 7 to Cártama on the A357. After appr. 60 km take the A367 to Ronda/Algeciras. After appr. 40 km take the exit right to Arriate on the MA7400. (Do not take the MA7403 but keep going until the exit MA7400). In the village (after appr. 4,5 km) take the very first street to the right. This street is called Calle Cánovas del Castillo. At the end of this street you are leaving Arriate; take the road right, further uphill. After 500 meters you will see the hotel main entrance on your left.

If you come from another direction, please let us know. We will be sure to email you clear directions.

Public transport and airport shuttle
You can get to Arriadh Hotel by public transport (given our location we do advise a rental car though). There is one direct train and several busses per day from Málaga to Ronda; we can pick you up from the train or bus station in Ronda. The nearest bus stop is appr. 1 km from the hotel and there are several busses going to and from Ronda each day.

If you need an airport shuttle please let us know well in advance. If possible we can pick you up from the airport (at a charge) or we can recommend Malaga Airport Taxi.

Rent a car
For the best service and prices, please check out: All-In Car Hire

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