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Wilbert: “My goal is always to offer our guests something extra and to introduce them to the real Spain. Point them to places which seem undiscovered. The beautiful and authentic small villages in the area which are not listed in the brochures of the big travel agencies. I hope that some of my love for Spain will rub of on the guests.” Wilbert is a down to earth guy who grew up in a small town in the east part of The Netherlands. After university he moved to Amsterdam, because that is ‘the place to be’. He worked in different bars and restaurants when he met John. For many years they lived together in the flower bulb area of The Netherlands where John worked in his own company and Wilbert travelled through the country for his work as an in-company trainer/coach.

John: “I like to be creative and to think ‘outside the box’ to make our guests stay as pleasant as possible. For example: do you want to visit the Sherry area and taste the different types of Sherry? I will take you there and pick you up afterwards. Almost anything is possible which makes it fun.” John studied horticulture and, according to family tradition, started working in the family business, a flower bulb company. At the company he was responsible for personnel management and he travelled all over the world to sell the flower bulbs.

Wilbert and John did a lot of traveling. From Australia to South Africa, but Spain was always their favourite country. In 2013 they made the decision to change things. Now they are the proud owners of the Arriadh Hotel where they live, work and share their love for Spain with their guests as well as their love for good (Spanish) food and drinks and their talent to make their guests feel at home.